Sunday, November 18, 2012

Art During the Festival of Lights

Back again to share the fun art projects the GrandKiddies did for Deepavali, Festival of Lights.
The actual festival started just AFTER we left Singapore. But these cute kids with their mom's blessing did some fun art projects.
Mama-Sarah sent me the photos.
(Sarah's photography skills are superb, she knows how to get down to the essence of the scene. Thanks Sarah for always sending me wonderful photos of the GrandKiddies.)

A few on-the-street scenes to start with.

Usually the children dress up and go down to the festival. This year they explored the art that goes hand-in-hand with the festivities.

Here they are working  on the floor putting a paper design together.

" Hmm are you sure that piece goes THERE?"

Got it.  Now to get the beans, lentils, rice and all the colorful mosaic pieces to glue onto the design.   Actually I believe the design came with colorful plastic pieces.

A gorgeous, full size mandala.  Wish I had been part of this really fun day. Didn't they do a super job?  
Way to go!!!!

On to another project.  Ella is applying a faux-henna paste to
decorate brother's arm.

Years ago she and I had this done professionally.  It takes great skill to apply henna.  Ella did a fantastic job!

Saving the best for last......

Perhaps you recall from the previous blog, a photo of the clay vessels that hold oil and a wick, to be lit and placed in a holy place.
Right in their own home;
a  beautiful shrine for the Festival of Light, a time of renewal and forgiveness.

Way to go!  Thanks kids for being a part of our story of Deepavali.

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  1. Wow! That looks like the most wonderful art project ever! That mandela is beautiful. They did a great job as did Ella on the henna. And I love your closing words. What better and more holy place than in their own home.


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