Sunday, April 15, 2012

Postcards from Paradise

These past weeks of absence from my blog have been spent in many places, falling in love all over again with our adult children and grandchildren.
For our family to see one another takes an act of Congress. Our families live in and out of the country. Last time together was three years ago.
My camera's media card was filled and emptied endless times. Each frame holding a "memory-second" in our time together.
I count it a blessing to LOVE to take photos. Whether they are stellar or blurry, they are a place in time.

They are my Postcards from Paradise.
as hosted by Rebecca at recuerda mi corazon

There are always "loads" of SWEETS in Paradise!


  1. It would appear that your entire clan had a wonderful time together. I'm glad that you were able to align the stars and make it happen.

  2. dear sharon,

    your family and generous heart beam with every bright capture of love!
    please forgive my late visit, i was unexpectedly whisked away to boston to be apart of a dramatic project to celebrate the force of the human spirit. home now, i am here celebrating your sweet family, your eye for treasuring each passing moment, your perfect paradise, family!
    can't wait to catch up with you dear friend!


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