Monday, April 23, 2012

Paradise Under the Sea

I wish I were a Mermaid.

I would be more than thrilled to be able to deep water dive like my
son-by-marriage, Daniel Brown. He sees and experiences a world I will never know. I love to hear his tales of "life under the ocean's surface."
(However he has yet to encounter a really-true Mermaid.)

For a few moments I invite you to FLOAT in a world of the purest of imagination, color and design.

All photos taken through glass aquariums at the Children's Discovery Museum.  

Please feel free to use as a screensaver.


  1. what a peace filled view of a watery world. we share the deepest love and regard for the sea and this is a sweet taste of days gone by.
    i hope you will post again on sunday so everyone will enjoy your view of the world!

  2. Sharon, these are wonderful! I love the seahorses best of all. I am a mermaid in my fantasy life...that's been my alter ego since I was 12. Sometimes I have dreams where I am swimming and breathing under water. It's always a disappointment to wake up and realize it wasn't real.


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