Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Innocence of a Child's Hand

Ten beautiful fingers
blessed with innocence.

For each, two eager hands
ready to explore the world.

Time will slip on the
waves of time.

The sweetness born of 
curious fingers.

Where will these perfect, gentle hands
be as age beckons them on.

For they are our future.

Heart Thought: when last did you feel the delicious warmth of a baby's perfect little fingers, grasping your own?

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  1. what a beautiful post!
    hands are so expressive
    love the hennaed swirls - small and medium...
    thanks for the joy...

    xox - eb.

  2. Oh Sharon, this is exquisite...I'm so glad you dropped by today so I was directed to visit you here :-)

  3. oh, what adorable images!

    great captures. thanks for brightening my day.

  4. Beautiful post indeed. My granddaughter is a Henna artist. She wants to do my hands but they are so old and dried up. Love the tiny fingers. Miss having those around.

  5. Our grandson was here at Christmas - the last time I had the hands of a little one in mine. Miss him!

    Lovely post, thoughts and photos.

  6. How lovely to hold the hand of a child. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.

  7. Beautiful... the eyes may be the windows to the soul, but hands are connected to one's heart...

  8. Your hand photos are so stunning -they really made me ponder innocence, love, and the passage of time. Beautiful!

  9. I love photos of hands. Especially children's hands. This is a wonderful series. :)


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