Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year

Those born in the year of the Dragon

are considered to be very fortunate.

Their sign is Prosperity and Courage

  Grab those chop sticks, order some really yummy Chinese 
food....don't forget the Fortune Cookies.....and celebrate
the Year of the Dragon.

May we

 all have Courage and Prosperity all year long.

Heart Thought: do you know which of the 12 Zodiac signs you were born under?  I am glad that I am not the Rat...!

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  1. I was born in a Dog year. It's funny about the Rat - the description of that sign has a lot of very positive characteristics. It's just our Western culture that abhors rats on principle.

    Years ago when I lived in California, we had the privilege of joining some of the local Chinese people in celebrating the Lunar New Year. We attended performances of Chinese opera and enjoyed amazing multi-course dinners featuring delicacies that were nothing like what was normally served in our neighborhood Chinese restaurants. Those were experiences I treasure!


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