Saturday, December 31, 2011


It is indeed a mixed bag to have a December birthday.
My kids wanted to celebrate in a GRANDE MANNER!
 Not quite my style.

Rather we had a Jingle Bells Birthday Party!!!
So much fun.

At the very last minute we bought the last commercial Gingerbread Haus Kit
at World Market. Yes, it rattled a bit.
Hmmmm shouldn't be surprised that every piece was broken!
Okay we would have fun decorating the cracked pieces; it is the frosting and candy that is the most fun!
Putting gingerbread slabs in  box tops
kept them from flying around and corralled the bits of candy.

The Funny Bunnies took this VERY SERIOUSLY!

 Meanwhile at the other end of the table, 
the men were decorating my chosen birthday cake 
Angel Food !
Looks pretty cool doesn't it.
Thank's Hunter.

The party continued, we played kid's Bingo....everyone wins at kid's Bingo.
Pizza dinner.
The most fun of all
an outdoor bonfire to makes
yummy s'mores!!!

Forgot TWO things,  to keep taking photos,
and to eat the Angel Cake!!!

I hope your next birthday is as fun as mine was!
Warmly, Sharon


  1. Happy Birthday Sharon! Love the caramel-colored toning of your shots. You captured the fun.

  2. No mention of when said birthday was, so hopefully my wish for a happy one is somewhat timely.
    Despite the cracked pieces of the gingerbread house, perhaps being a little sad for the little ones, it seems a match for your creativity.
    Happy New Year my friend....see you for sure in 2012.

  3. I have a December birthday, too, Sharon, as does my son, mother, aunt, and brother-in-law. It's a standing joke that none of us knows what birthday gift wrap looks like - we all get our presents in Christmas paper! I'm glad you had so much fun - it looks like it was really special. Happy birthday!


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