Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Little Garden of Delights

Every once in awhile, we drop into "little gardens of earthly delight," places we could linger, stay awhile and bask in. Such was a very special garden shop in Hilton Head, SC. A place of pure heaven, all tossed up with Halloween finery

There was no way I could take these photographs and not share with you. The care and artistic touch of the gardeners combined with color, texture and atmosphere just begged to be shown off.    

No commentary is necessary....just enjoy the moment and bask in the beauty of a tiny patch of land, far from home.

Here lounges the real force behind this garden paradise....the PRINCESS. She kept her apple green eyes on us the whole time we wandered around. 

IDEA: these wonderful ceramic pumpkins have oodles of designs we could all incorporate onto our own pumpkins. Wash pumpkin with water and tiny bit of soap. Dry thoroughly. Spread out papers to put pumpkin on. Paint with acrylics. If the first coat isn't bright enough, let paint dry then repeat. Could even spray with a little varnish to make nice and shiny. 


Keep your cameras DRY and BUSY...such an exquisite time of year to be taking pictures.  Until next visit....Sharon


  1. Hi Sharon! These are just wonderful, and so pretty and colorful. They certainly have a tropical air to them. Love the green-eyed kitty! Whenever I get down to Hilton Head I will have to check this place out!

  2. These are beautiful pictures. Just being in Hilton Head would be enough but to be there in the fall is very special.


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