Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Texture Tuesdays: a Movie we Love

Some challenges are easy
some challenges are,  well, CHALLENGING.
When I read that we were to texture a photo to represent
our favorite movie, I immediately thought of
Out of Africa
swoon swoon swoon

This movie inspired me to read Isak Dinesen's books.
Play the sound track until it warped.
And talked two friends' reluctant husbands, into seeing the movie.

Out of Africa is my all around FAVORITE movie. 

But it is not my CHOSEN movie to add texture to.

See if you can guess what movie these photos represent.

The book and subsequent movie,  I devoured (clue), in about
two days.

I yearned along with millions of other readers, to trace the heroine's footsteps.

The author spoke at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. 
We joined several thousand women breaking our necks to get a peek at her....was she for REAL?

Little did I know as I listened to her weave her tale, that I would actually follow in her footsteps. 

Yes, a year ago we went with our son and his family
to Bali and in particular Ubud where  Elizabeth Gilbert lived for part of a year and where the movie was filmed,
starring Julia Roberts. 

Untouched photo collage.

Two textures were used. One was a photo I took of wooden batik stamps.

Nature's Beauty

On my art blog you will find two ORIGINAL PAINTINGS 
using the same two textures.

If you have a moment drop by.
And the movie is? 

Eat Pray and Love
elizabeth gilbert 


  1. You've pushed me to watch Out of Africa again. It's been too long. And yes, I was able to get Eat, Pray, Love before too many clues were given. What a great idea to put a collage together.
    I've jotted next week's texture theme to give a try. Textures are a stretch for me so I think it will provide a little growth opportunity. I love that you used your own batik texture...those are wonderful patterns. Have a great day.

  2. Now I want to see Out of Africa again too - if only there was time!! ♥

  3. Great mosaic and processing. I love the photos.

  4. Great movie...still need to read the book. I love the photos and the textures that were used added great character. Out of Africa is a fav of mine as well.

    Bright blessings,

  5. What a treat to see so many photos from your travels to Bali and Cambodia. You have some wonderful shots that take me right back to those beautiful places. What lovely people and you captured the emotion so well. I hope you got my email response to your email. I've just set up my comp and had been using the laptop so some of my emails got lost in the transfer. So thrilled you started this blog!!


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